"A pure river of life, as clear as crystal"
Rev 22, v.1

Membership and Giving

When you join enrol as a member of something be it a sports club or theatre club you are committing to learn more, develop your understanding, play your part, and pay your dues.  The same applies to becoming a member of St. Mary’s Church. 

The commitment of people to become members of the church, not just being part of the congregation, has always been and continues today to be vital in ensuring that St. Mary’s remains open, resourced and in good condition to serve the parish of Chiddingfold for many years to come. 

The criteria for membership is that you are over 16, baptised and live within the parish, or live in another parish but worship regularly at St. Mary’s.

If you join you will be eligible for election to the Parochial Church Council and be part of the governance of a church that has been at the heart of village life in Chiddingfold since the 12th Century.  You will have voting rights to influence the development of the church for generations to come.
To be a church member means ..

  • to learn more by committing to grow in faith through prayer, bible reading and regular worship
  • to develop your understanding of the purposes of the church by having an active interest in what is going on
  • to play your part by using your time and talents to build up the church and its ministry
  • to pay your dues by financially supporting the church according to your means

If you would like to become a member of St. Mary's Church please contact The membership secretary for all the details.

To finance our vision to know Christ better and to make Christ better known we depend on church members to provide a regular income through their personal giving to St. Mary’s in addition to their time and commitment of skills.

We have to meet the full cost of running our church and its varied activities from our own resources as St. Mary’s receives no funding from the State or the Church Commissioners.  The current cost is in excess of £3000 per week.

Planned Giving
Planned Giving is the way in which we can give a regular amount to help St. Mary’s meet its financial commitments.
  If you would like to find out more about this before making a decision, please contact our Parish Funding Officer Jan Fellingham.  If you have decided you are able to commit to planned giving - thank you so much - please complete a Financial Support Form.

You may also wish to consider leaving a legacy to St. Mary's Church in your Will.

How much to give?
There is no easy formula and the amount given has to be according to each individual’s ability.

The Church of England asks us to adopt 5% of our take home pay as a starting point.  Many Christians follow the biblical example of tithing 10%.

Any decision should be made in a generous and positive spirit based on prayer and thanksgiving to a generous God.


Perhaps we should ask ourselves, “How can my giving reflect something of God’s love for me?”


If you are a UK taxpayer the value of your donation can be increased by 25% when you sign a Gift Aid declaration. You only need to sign one declaration for all your donations to St Mary’s to be covered. Download and complete a Gift Aid Declaration here

All personal giving is treated with strict confidentiality.

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