"A pure river of life, as clear as crystal"
Rev 22, v.1

HMS Chiddingfold

HMS Chiddingfold is a Hunter Class Minesweeper in the Royal Navy. It is named, as are all this class of minesweepers, after a Hunt.  As a consequence strong links have been forged over many years between the ship and the village.


The ship maintains close links with the village through visits on Remembrance Sunday and on other special occasions as well as sending regular newsletters.




On 10th June, 2020 HMS Chiddingfold departed Portsmouth Naval Base to begin 3 year tour in the Middle East.  The warship is the first naval vessel to be deployed on a long-term mission since lockdown due to Covid-19 was announced in early March, 2020. The ‘Cheery Chid’ and her 47-strong crew will take the ship more than 5,000 nautical miles to Bahrain.

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