Exploring Faith

We offer plenty of opportunities to meet with others to ask those deeper questions and explore issues of faith and family life.  See below and also take a look at the Small Groups page.


The course is designed to help people discover the basics of the Christian faith. The sessions assume no previous knowledge of anything Christian.

Perhaps you are new to the Church?

You wonder if Christianity is for you

You want to know the facts about Christianity from a reliable source

There is time to chat, simple discussion and space for reflection. All in a style that is down-to-earth and honest, and which aims to be enjoyable too. Courses run throughout the year for a minimum of 6 people – contact Hannah if you’d like to know more.

The Questions Children Ask…

Children ask the most amazing questions about God, the universe and everything! Hannah is hoping to run a group for parents to chat over some of those tricky questions and to share ideas about bringing faith into family life. Contact Hannah if you’d like to know more.