All Stars (Sunday Morning)

All Stars is St Mary's Sunday School. We meet in the church room during the 10am parish communion service and currently have three age specific groups. Children between 3 and 12  are welcome to join us as we look a Bible story, explore different ways of worship and prayer before getting started on our activity, challenge or craft (parents of younger children are welcome to accompany their children to the group). We always start the session off together before dividing into our groups! A nursery area, colouring sheets and toys are available for younger children who will need to be acompanied.

We rejoin the rest of the Church for communion and then share what we’ve learned with the rest of the congregation.

Do you have a heart for helping young people grow in faith? Contact Hannah for information on joining the team. The current rota for All Stars can be found here.


Our All Stars groups:

Mini Stars: This is our littlest group designed for the 5s and under. Mini Stars join in with all the groups for the introduction, games and story telling before heading off to do their themed crafts or activities. 
Shooting Stars: This is the group that caters for our 6-8 year olds. Shooting Stars stay a bit longer in the main group to explore how we can take our faith back into our week at home or at school with our Weekly Challenges! 
Super Stars: This is our 9-12 year olds. Like the others, Super Stars will take part in the introduction, games, story telling and Weekly Challenges before heading off to some comfy beanbags and doing a variety of different activities or discussions to help go a bit deeper into the story or Biblical theme.